♫♪  Dogs in Ecstasy - “Anxiety”

One of Milwaukee’s best kept secrets, Dogs in Ecstasy should, in a perfect world, be blowing up the blogs and courting endorsement deals from Vans and headlining Warped Tour. Instead, the Brew City trio forge ahead with their damaged brand of power pop/nu-grunge, quietly releasing top shelf music every few months and gigging around the Midwest. If, in ten years time, I move back to Wisconsin to put the pieces of my life back together, I hope to catch “the dogs” playing at Quarter’s or Linneman’s. “Anxiety,” the latest video from 2k15 masterpiece Welcome 2 Hell, is super weird and beautiful at the same time. Watch below and, although the tape is sold out, throw the dogs a few bones and support Welcome 2 Hell HERE.

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