♫♪  Doll Food - “Marrow Deep”

Iowa City drone/psych weirdos Doll Food dropped their latest tape, Marrow Deep, for L.A.’s Not Not Fun a few weeks back, which incorporates skewed pop leanings with other noise and drone elements, all while maintaining a beautifully creepy vibe. And now we’ve got some visual accompaniment to one of the tape’s more unsettling, hypnotic tunes. The video for the title track continues the group’s lo-fi aesthetic, looking like a backyard horror movie you and your freaky friends would make on a dull Fall afternoon. It’s effective in its simplistic, unsettling feel, and it serves as good of a visual representation of the tape as I can imagine. Pick up your copy of Marrow Deep right here.

• Doll Food: https://soundcloud.com/dollfood
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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