DOOM/STARKS (DOOM and Ghostface Killah)
“Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)”

It’s about bleeping fucking time. The long-in-the-making collaboration between DOOM and Ghostface Killah, rumored since 2004-ish, is finally seeing the light of day. Well, maybe. At the very least, we have a new song to listen to until an album announcement is made (if one is made at all). The track, released under the name DOOM/STARKS — could also be DoomStarks or DOOMSTARKS — is called “Victory Laps,” and it comes from a cassette that Nature Sounds released over the weekend. While it would’ve been nice to hear the original version (you can hear that version on iTunes July 26 or on 12-inch picture disc August 30), what we get here, a remix by “Madvillainz,” is certainly nothing to whine about.

And hey, according to Nature Sounds’ Twitter, Rosenberg Radio and Hot 97 will be playing a new DOOM/STARKS “joint” at midnight. We’re not sure if they’ll spin the remix, the original, or an entirely new song, but I can’t wait to find out tomorrow morning after a good night’s rest. (via One Thirty BPM)

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