♫♪  EMA - “Satellites”

Like a pair of daring-yellow fingerless gloves, EMA’s lyrics take the wheel of her first single in three years “Satellites” and directs the fluidity of the music through the twists and turns of the harsh reality revolving around new and old worlds. As the “(Official Video)” projects to viewers, living the life of a consumer — music production equipment, six vertical flat-screen televisions, virtual reality, a table full of mental inhibitors — is sort of exactly the same as a bird being hunted by a cat. The devouring bit here is alluded to the economically misunderstood. Not that this group is misunderstood by others, but by their own inner ego while absorbing everything. Here, we watch EMA entrance herself in a virtual world surrounded by static and foliage and mist; shit that is totally “unpaid” for in fantasy. Maybe her heaven?

Yet, as an egg becomes chick becomes bird becomes food, the circle of life via EMA’s “Satellites” (Official Video) is one of emotional submission. She leaves behind a world of ha(l)ving everything (but, does she?) for an existence of pure imagination, confined to the particulars of algorithms and sensory notification. EMA’s newest album The Future’s Void is being released on Matador Records early April, spoil your interpretation of “Satellites” with the video’s “making-of” here, and pre-order the new LP and/or CD here. hi!

• EMA: www.thefuturesvoid.net
• Matador Records: http://www.matadorrecords.com

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