♫♪  EMA - “Take One Two”

The look of this video reminds me of Gowns’ “Fargo.” Seems fitting as a foreword to the friendship-tribute feel of “Take One Two.” Ohhh, I just watched all this video too. It’s sweet. The song is totes sweet, too. My pal Stephen is going to love this song. Are you in PMS mode? Cause this song maaaaaaay break you right now #WARNING. Oooo, and the “Take One Two” single will benefit the Jamie Issacs Foundation, too. So you should probably $crill up on this one. One last thing: “Take One Two” …take 2012?

• EMA: http://cameouttanowhere.com
• Jamie Issacs Foundation: http://www.jamieisaacsfoundation.org

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