♫♪  Ensemble Economique and Paul Clipson - “Live at the ATA, San Francisco” [Dec. 17th, 2014]

A dimly flickering bulb pulsates exposed and burnt film upon the white-wall. Sirens and organs nearly melody together. Feignt singing breathes into and out of the room, while traffic and the ocean run their individual courses. That moment Ensemble Economique silhouettes Paul Clipson’s projected smattering of visuals that are on the cusp of decipherable. Samples and loops melting with guitar and peaking vocals. An image of a man, yes. Something known and all-at-once ear shattering. This is a blueprint, but is it being tip-toed around? That shadow upon the shadow, shadowed in a glow of reflection and refracted light. Color as if it were wine. A hangover that’s blissfully ringing in your ears. Morning drives into the sunrise. Ensemble Economique and Paul Clipson will diminish your 2015!

• Ensemble Economique: http://ensembleeconomique.tumblr.com
• Paul Clipson: http://vimeo.com/user2911089

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