♫♪  Event Cloak - “New Future”

Parallel motion, guys. PARALLEL MOTION. The synths of Event Cloak (a.k.a. Nick Maturo of Sundrips), which are featured on a new tape from Tranquility, dance, gracefully hovering just above the ground, left and right, back and forth, and fast. Joyously A.D.D. but delicate, precise, and beautifully beautiful. Like Beethoven’s Ninth beautifully beautiful, epic bass billowing and bolstering this piece up into a cannonball of a canon. Breath: stolen. Heart: swollen too big for its tiny cage. Brilliantly visualized by owner of the internet’s best channel, the one and only Moduli TV. A word of advice: Crank this. Full screen. Nose as close to the pixels as humanly possible. Absorb.

• Tranquility Tapes: http://tranquilitytapes.blogspot.com

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