♫♪  EXCEPTER - “Maids”

“It’s merely a photograph,” said the engineer, “Photographs were intended to juxtapose reality.” She sets down the floating image in a dark room next to the train station as hanging sheets shake and drip dry; in a pool of water. “Immersion. And like — try this, here. No, try it,” she stretches out her arm and hand and fingers with powder in it. The powder is blown in your face and flowers forever seem to appear before your eyes, scattering thoughts of alleys and backs of buildings from your youth: hanging around town was a trip in itself once you found out the cracks in reality; the bricks serving ladders atop Main Street buildings, the unlocked basement doors at the gym and elementary school and township building, glue left out by the industrial building, and walking along the sidewalk around 3 a.m. “Photographs, you know?”

Flooding in five years after their last full-studio release, Debt Dept, EXCEPTER comes at listeners with a raring visual speed, laying down “Maids,” their first track off Familiar, their new LP being released on BLAST First (petite).

• EXCEPTER: http://www.excepter.net
• BLAST First (petite): http://www.blastfirstpetite.com

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