♫♪  Excepter - “Sunburned Kids”

Is Excepter going the route Animal Collective should have gone with their pop? I mean, AnCo got MAD side-release swag still, but Excepter is really flippin’ for real on “Sunburned Kids.” Shit, it’s like a mesh of routes musicians should’ve taken (Boards of Canada, Dan Deacon, Gang Gang Dance), but failed to or broke up before taking (Raccoo-oo-oon). Dare I even say Swans? LOL Never-the-less, fuck Excepter rulez hard.

Kinda disappointed I missed Excepter this past Saturday with my pal Seth at Body Actualized. Even though that place is peaceful by day, it’s like LOADS of anxiety for me at night. Although, I figured Excepter would have melted all that away. And considering “Sunburned Kids” is becoming my favorite summer jam this year — complete with woofer flaring bass, warped vocals wrapped in tape, lingering haunted moaning, and DAT BASS(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) — every time I click back to this YouTube tab to click REPLAY, I start to nod a bit different upon each new listen. Sorta like Excepter’s first jam “Maids,” but way more… seasonal!

A while back, I was listening to Excepter’s Tank Tapes CS from Fuck It Tapes in my Grams’ attic smoking LOUD and this side-A bit came one with stretched and slowed-down vocals that made me turn it off and leave it up there since. I just can’t. I bugged out and threw the player. Thus, Excepter still holds my fear entombed in an abandoned Walkman buried by fiberglass padding somewhere in Port Washington, NY.

So, as you can tell, I’m shitting myself both outta excitement and terror for Excepter’s new album Familiar this summer on BLAST First (petite). It can take it’s time, as there is no set-date for the release, ‘cause I’ma make a mess either way, you-know you-know. “Sunburned Kids” is above and was directed by the infamous Laid Eyes/

• Excepter: http://www.excepter.net
• BLAST First (petite): http://www.blastfirstpetite.com

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