♫♪  Final Cop - “Great Unlearning”

Point of fact: if it’s on the ModuliTV Vimeo page, it’s gonna be pretty good. Another point of fact: if it comes from the e-mail address of a mysterious person at Kill Shaman Records, you also know that it’s gonna be good. So, doing some simple math here… yeah, this is good. Final Cop is German Army-related; I’m told the people making this music are called Peter Kris and Vern Ore, which of course I don’t believe for a minute. So take that for whatever it’s worth, which is quite a whole-helluva-lot considering the fact that I love everything German Army and German Army-related, (Merx and Q///Q, for starters) and if you don’t, we’re not friends or you just haven’t been paying very good attention.

The video here for “Great Unlearning” is shot from a perspective that seems like it’s head is constantly down at some kind of rave happening in a greenhouse, maybe, and the music follows feeling very tight and centered, a clenched-fist riff punching at the walls of a confined space of its own making. The cryptic-as-fuck message this video came to me with included nothing about a release, but… I guess watch for one?

• Final Cop: https://soundcloud.com/finalcop

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