♫♪  First Love - “Game On”

First of all, we’re all familiar with the meaning of santorum, right? Now, I don’t want to promote religion or politics here (albeit it’s inevitable, since I posted this video). But, I’d like to promote happiness. Happiness is so fucking unusual, isn’t it? Happiness to me is hard to pinpoint, especially through music. On the whole, I do find a personally-built happiness through music. That being said, I’m having trouble finding happiness in this music video. Forget the tacky lyrics. Look at who’s singing and who’s “performing.” Half the video is snippets of smiling people on a random road wielding signs during some shitty day. Scope that neglect of color. And I feel like the song style is patronizing listeners through a lack in vibrancy. Actually, I kept thinking there was someone behind the camera waving a gun at these people, yelling “Just look cute!” The happiness I can take from this video is imagining these kids watching it 10 years from now.

• First Love: http://www.firstloveband.com/FirstLove/Welcome.html

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