The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt
“I’m Working at NASA on Acid”

A month ago, The Flaming Lips and The Lightning Bolts (JK, I know their name!) released a trippy video for their collaborative track, “I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage.” It was great, but it only left us wanting a video for “I’m Working at NASA on Acid,” too. A petition to get a video for the track started circulating around the TMT offices, and last I looked, we collected at least 18 signatures. I’m assuming someone sent it to Wayne Coyne, because the cuties at Consequence of Sound have tipped us off to the new, equally trippy video. Now how should we go about getting Lightning Bolt to cover Soft Bulletin in its entirety?

• The Flaming Lips:
• Lightning Bolt:

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