♫♪  Frank Hurricane - “Macon Flow” ft. Benjamin Banneker and Willie D

As rumors are encircling the folk-talk around town, the ye-olde Frank Hurricane is still on an epic journey abound the land all humans were born to travel. Treadin’ with the purest of souls, Hurricane whirl-winds himself a crewed up cypher with that “Macon Flow,” including (modern day) Benjamin Banneker and of course.. Willie D. Always in support of not dusting off the reel before recording, “Macon Flow” finds that same, decrepit-yet-charming sound quality ALL Frank Hurricane (as-well-as Hurricanes of Love) music fucks with, and mane, my appreciation for that weird-o sound paired with hand-in-heart flow still got me feeling I’m not alone. Thus is the legend of Frank Hurricane, iddn’it? The legend being he’s everyone’s friend, and befriends the world as a messiah of genuine contentment. That a tuxedo? I’ll fuck with you. Yo, you shit your pants? I can fuck with you. A retreat group of male, Christian, sober AA members upstairs from you during a winter night while smokannn and drinkannn and munching, hidden with the squad in the basement below… Better just stay below and enjoy the element.

Also, you definitely heard correct: Frank Hurricane — Fuck Wit It High : A Mystical Gangsta’s Reflection Vol.1 (Pympstrumental). It’s out right now and ready to spin. Scope the video above, and then go make a friend nearest you during the HOLY HURRICANES OF LOVE CROSS COUNTRY TOUR!!!

• Frank Hurricane: http://frankhurricane.com
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