♫♪  FΘXXTΛIL - STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ [album teaser]

There’ll come a time where something like Godzilla (maybe an earthquake or storm or [something]) will knock out all our technology.Eventually, throughout decades of research and try and fail experimenting, we’ll figure out new/rightful ways of gaining resourceful power to bring humanity back to an age were “modern” is like today, only smashed to bits and rebuilt. We’ll figure out mass and space transportation, neo-next-level entrainment, and digital archeology.

Exhibit A shows an extracted video saved on a hard drive buried deep beneath the soil made by broken machine films. As one can study, the group made it for another production company called Illuminated Paths, and potentially someone they produced named FΘXXTΛIL. On TOP of that, STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ seems to be the name of a full length production somewhere too, as this appears as an [album teaser].

But holy crud, does the sounds of this match that neo-future feel of dreadful wonder. What were these STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ FΘXXTΛIL experienced? Was it of contemplative dismay? Were there surrounding effects of lethargy as one would gaze into their… OH! It’s actually right here on this hard drive too. Damn it’s good. Didn’t you hear this in 2014 when it was released by Illuminated Paths? Oh, for SURE get on that, ASAP via the links below, and grip the reel thang too!

• FΘXXTΛIL: http://foxxtail.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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