♫♪  Gangsta Boo - “Meet The Devil”

There’s always been a threshold between reality and actual interaction with people. That moment someone starts asking you for something, it’s completely drawing you into a situation that is unpredictable, no matter you know this person or not. Then it’s about handling your self control and seeing how well you can compose in front of those who can either instantly judge or equally ignore. So lie to everyone. Nobody cares about your actual opinion. And if they do: lie to them too, but in ways that only builds. Maturity can still revolve around irresponsibility. It’s not like you have to avoid all the lies and deceit. But soon it’ll be snowing outside and shit‘ll be on the beach like a bikini sewn to a sweater like the ugliest holiday fiesta involving a wave machine with enough free download codes that people retroactively learn how to not understand the Internet. Fucking keeping that inbox under 15, but nobody ever tells you what’s up. It’s always later people be like, “Fader isn’t fucking with her.” Well over half of Fader’s staff is “account executives.” People gotta make money any-which-way. Does anyone even go out anymore? Meet me in Chinatown this weekend around 6PM. Nate and Alex is getting they swagg’d-out awwn. So then it’s like lecturing people isn’t any form of interaction. Ego is left for squalor. People who walk with a curve and make it a point that their e-mail mentions their posture’s poise. If anyone knew me. So my face itches.

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