♫♪  GOAT - “Goatman” [live at Glastonbury]

It’s common knowledge that most people who think of themselves as music journalists, even the ones without GOATees and every release from the Nuggets compilation on un-wrapped heavyweight vinyl, want to be back in the hazy days of 1968. They’ll pretend that this is because music was PURE and FREE LOVE worked its unilateral male-centered magic and DRUGS playfully darted between sphincters, pores, and nostrils like a swarm of horny midges. But actually, it’s because they have a love of lapsing into the language of the era, their internal monologues taking on the plummy but pissed tone of a seasick pirate-radio host, moored in the “HMS Fannypack” just off the coast of San Fran.

Wig out, frig out, kick those pigs out — it’s the new grooooovin’ sounds of the swamp. Hotter than Jackie Kennedy in a sweat lodge and twice as loud. Yes, hip hacks, it’s time to swing those slacks to the sound of GOAT. Straight out of Sweden, here we have a rare high-quality video of their legendary live show, steaming in fuzz and Voodoo vibes, with props from all over our throbbing Gaia. It fizzes, it hisses, it never misses…

You can see the appeal.

But me, I’m just happy to adopt the cloying, aloof tone of a late-capitalist internet hack, commenting on such phenomena from above in an endless circle of self-referential nods and winks. You see, GOAT were always one of those “nods and winks” bands — a group of kids with very good record collections and unafraid to prove it — but they inspire the prose of a stoned, relentlessly enthusiastic 1960s boy with a GOATee.

So let’s compare a mix from last year, with all those nods and winks laid out bare, to the band in all their live glory.

Which original wins out?

Tracklist and download of the mix at Punk Slime .

• Goat: http://goatsweden.blogspot.co.uk
• Rocket Recordings: http://rocketrecordings.blogspot.co.uk/

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