♫♪  Grand Analog - “Love Is A Battlefield”

This is whatever, but Grand Analog leader Odario Williams said, “I wanted to shoot a video that reflected the inner city, but also felt like the Wild Wild West. I have a long time love affair with old Western films and shooting in Kensington Market was perfect for that.”

I’ve spent about 48 hours in Toronto, and maybe only two of them were in Kensington, but I’ll be damned if they weren’t the most memorable of the trip. We walked into this head shop and were first struck by the scent in the air, then by fact that there seemed to be no one else in sight. Suddenly, an old rasta emerged from the back room brandishing what looked like a small incense stick with some kind of butter at the end of it. “Tryyyy dis,” he said, in deep patois.

I don’t know if it was a contact high or just general stupidity on my part, but I was about two seconds from ingesting the stuff when Z grabbed my arm and said, “What are you doing? That’s shea butter!” Oh, we all had quite the laugh at that one, I tell ya.

Long story short, we left with an African statue, some incense, and three bootleg reggae mixtapes (“tree fuh ten”), the best of which would have to be DJ Madsilver’s Evil Orgasm 2.0: Beat It Til It Red. Like I said, this is whatever, but it brings me back there.

Love Is A Battlefield EP is out next week via The Confidence Emperors. Now imagine if you clicked above and Pat Benatar started playing.

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