♫♪  Grandmilly & Shozae - “Cyber Tech Suits”

A gravitron getting lifted off its base and spinning through the funhouse like a flying saucer, Grandmilly & Shozae’s debut LP, Adventureland, is out August 24 via Stone’s Throw. Having just released the project’s third visual, the duo sat down for a mini-interview to discuss the new video and upcoming album. Get in your pre-order now and look out for our full feature interview coming soon.

How’d you guys first link up with one another?

Grandmilly: Me and Sho linked up through another emcee in town named Y2the3rd, and me and Sho’s brother Ace knew each other and was cool. We also had a lot of mutual friends so it was nature more or less how we linked up.

Shozae: The rest has been history ever since.

It sounds like Milly channeled Blackstreet on the hook for this one, not a side we’re used to hearing from you. Where’d that come from?

Grandmilly: I used to sing for my moms in church, and I used to sing for my homies on they hooks and everything. I was really into rhythm and blues when I was younger. I actually used to listen to more of that than rap growing up, so it came from my upbringing really.

Shozae: Word up and we bringing different vibes of hip-hop on this album, that’s kind of how the album title came about…

For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about the title.

Grandmilly: Well, there’s an amusement park on Long Island named Adventureland, and I used to go there a lot with my school and with my fam sometimes, and I used to love going. It was enjoyable, most fun you could have as a kid. It’s also a play on life and life’s hurdles and curve balls that might oftentimes take us for a wild ride.

Shozae: The album has its ups and downs, its fun moments and its spooky moments, similar to life and an amusement park. Every ride is different, but still cohesive enough with each other to form a park.

What brought you two out to Coney Island for the video shoot rather than Farmingdale?

Grandmilly: The scenery was a little more adult, and that’s only because Adventureland is more of a children themed spot. Coney had a better energy.

Shozae: The director, Quest set that shot up. He had a vision, and he’s dope, so I rolled with it.

Are those De La dunks I spot Sho sporting?

Grandmilly: Fly shit only!

Shozae: Haha! Yeah, those are the De La’s; I’m always representing Strong Island someway.

Between “Adventure Land (Grand Opening),” “Graffiti” and now “Cyber Tech Suits,” you guys seem to be building some pretty striking visual themes for this project. What’s the science behind the TV screens in each these last two and the projector screen in the first?

Grandmilly: I’m not sure but it’s dope. I can’t wait till yall see it.

Shozae: I like how you pointed that out. It’s something Quest came up with, but I feel that it happened naturally by being creatively consistent with the samples you hear before each song.

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