♫♪  Guerilla Toss - “367 Equalizer”

Sound the alarm: new G-Toss video.
*The sound of a chicken cackling escapes from the PA into your basement*
You gather the buds and sit in a crescent formation around the laptop. Play is pressed.
Two minutes in and your pupils are fully dilated.
“What is this even?”
You turn to ask and it turns out that your friends have turned into stuffed animals:
Dragon, tie-dye bear, goat, miniature fireman.
Maybe they were always like that, though.
You remember them talking at some point.
Maybe that was just you.
You propose a toast and they all agree.

“367 Equalizer” is the title track of Guerilla Toss’s single sided 12” on Feeding Tube Records, as well as a now sold-out cassette edition via Infinity Cat Recordings. Its video was animated and directed by Alessandra Hoshor and Addison Adams. Your brain is directed and animated by you yourself, and was formed by zygotes contributed by your parents. Watch a monochrome donut hang in dead space. Watch a watermelon creep into the frame. X. #1. Little purple corvette shakes and ascends to heaven. Alamo Alamo. Cereal mosaic. A wig in the snow.

You wipe off the condensation. You need a nap.

• Guerilla Toss: https://guerillatoss.bandcamp.com
• Infinity Cat Recordings: http://infinity-cat-recordings.myshopify.com

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