♫♪  Guerilla Toss - “Betty Dreams Of Green Men”

I think one of the more underrated facets to the psychedelic experience is the state of frenzy. It’s a very curious blend of sensory slush, dosed with far too much paranoia. At points, it can be amusing when you ground a little to recognize the silliness of such uncertainty. Conversely, the frantic self-antagonism that comes with that is also enough to drive you mad. Unpleasant, to say the least.

“Betty Dreams of Green Men” by Guerilla Toss is totally the former. It’s a frenzied body high from the start, the sound of wanting to rub your face on scruffy, dead, pink grass. That nagging, lysergic-induced paranoia is there but it hasn’t eaten into your mind yet. It’s quite the kaledeidoscopic roll; in a state like this, it’s hard not to want to indulge in some primal gyration born out of suspended inhibitions. Anything to keep you moving, it’s essential you keep your mind moving. Guerilla Toss are adept at that sort of unhinged, psych-pop that encapsulates this vibe. If it’s this uninhibited with “Betty Dreams of Green Men,” the peak must truly be stellar.

“Betty Dreams of Green Men” is the lead track off of Guerilla Toss’s new album GT Ultra, available through DFA Records.

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