♫♪  Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. - “Coeurs Croisés”

Did you know there are more organs in 8 than in the human body. Crazy stuff, huh? Halasan Bazar and Tara King th. tried to get Guinness out to their recordings, but the crew that does that sort of thing ended listening to the collaborative album, buying a bus and recreating some Tom Wolfe nonfiction.

Aaaanyway, I’ve been a big fan of these dudes from Copenhagen dating back a few years to their first 7-inch and my poorly written WordPress. 8, their collaboration with French baroque-meets-acid-pop multi-instrumentalist Tara King th., has hovered under the radar since it’s October release. A damned shame for a record so pleasant.

Luckily we can change that because Moon Glyph picked up the album and is on a heavy Halasan Bazar kick:8 and their 2012 LP – How To Be Ever Happy – are lounging hard in their web offerings.

• Halasan Bazar: https://halasanbazar.bandcamp.com
• Tara King th.: http://www.tkth.com
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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