♫♪  Helado Negro - Running

“You’ve got me running, running, running… just like you” is a comforting refrain, not an expression of blame. Its tired glow ready to embrace the listener, “Running” is the latest from one of indie music’s most consistent and endearing tunesmiths. It’s proof that Roberto Carlos Lange’s expertise lies not just in heady, emotional atmospheres, but also in excellent songs that conjure a time, place and emotion — much like the nostalgia-laden album cover of This Is How You Smile, his upcoming full-length on RVNG Intl. With a simple pair of piano chords propagating it’s locomotive rhythm, “Running” channels heavy Mr. M-era Lambchop for a more organic, spacious Helado Negro than we’ve heard before. Lange has few words to offer, but its starkness finds new beauty in each repetition, assuming an elegiac form.

If this wide-eyed gem and preceding singles like the lonely, Bossa-tinged “Pais Nublado” are any indication, This Is How You Smile is set to be one of Helado Negro’s finest yet.

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