♫♪  Hella Sketchy - “Spent A Check”

This my song, yo, this my song, yo, this my song & I ain’t trippin’!

He’s 16, he’s got production skills, he’s got the flow swag & yeah, he’s only 16, from somewhere presumably in the US, I think, & this video is brought to us from the YouTube giant デーモンAstari, who specialize in promoting the kind of weirdo lo-fi trap music—made by any & everyone—that explores all kinds of subject matter, from death, to fuckin’ b*****s, to wearing designer clothes, to the lack of designer clothes, to the poverty of one’s life, to flexin’ on the haters, to the emotional interludes of all anime characters in all animes.

The video’s just a celebration, really. I mean, think about it: Hella Sketchy rapped on his own beat. That’s some real grit right there. Some true, true persistence. Some true vision. & the payoff comes with 92K listens on SoundCloud, & a video (above) where Hella Sketchy has some fun.

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