♫♪  +HIRS+ - “The Sexxxy Flexxxi”

+HIRS+ are not a posi band. They are, in fact, exactly as negi of a group as you’d expect from a transgender grindcore band fond of slogans like “Kill Cops Kill God Kill Self,” and “Looks Like Hell, Sounds Like Shit, Queer as Fuck,” but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and they’re releasing an avowedly posi flexi disc, earnestly titled “The Sexxxy Flexxxi.” Look at these lyrics:

“puppies, pizza, xxxmas, weed lube, skateboards, sophie, fuckin, mitsu. these are a few of our favorite things, indeed. oh yeah, and tim dunn! the most perfect sweetheart human.”

See? It still grinds pretty hard, though, no fear.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Go do something nasty, with satirical yet political intent, k? We can all deal with positive feelings as long as their delivered through a vortex of filth and fury, right? So go stream it [here] and maybe spend the $6.66 on a nice floppy vinyl if you’re in the mood for love.

Just kidding, Valentine’s Day is a tool of the matrimonial-industrial-capital complex and cannot be saved.

• +HIRS+: http://hirs.bandcamp.com

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