Hobo Cubes
“Bending The Love You Keep”

More kaleidoscopic visualizations, generally dark in both color and tone to go along with the spooky, meandering synths… and this is typical Moduli TV/Hobo Cubes fare? Not quite. Binary, monocular visions phased into singular sonic swirls as “Bending the Love You Keep” sweeps past. I’m hearing more here than what I’m exactly used to when it comes to the music of Frank Ouellette. There’s a neon jazziness to Hobo Cubes on this track that I hadn’t noticed before, and a sweet tenderness, too. I also really like how those synths pop like kernels from the rolling furnace of melody in the middle. Anyway, I have (like many, I imagine) heard probably 10% or less of his output, so what would I know about “typical” Hobo Cubes? Ridiculous! Whenever I do hear some HC, though, I generally know exactly what it is when it comes on. Like Stereolab or The Beatles, you know? A unified, solidified, bona fide weirdo, yep. And a good one — one who’s sculpting a sonic figure that remains identifiable yet endlessly malleable and unfinished.

These sounds and more can be found within the spools of Ouellette’s new tape with Bridgetown, Serpensulla Gardens, which is currently available.

• Hobo Cubes: http://hobocubes.bandcamp.com
• Bridgetown Records: http://bridgetownrecords.info

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