Hunx & His Punx
“Street Punk Trilogy”

Wanna see a new Hunx & His Punx music video? How about three, all wrapped up into one triple-feature creature? In anticipation of their upcoming full-length Street Punk, the Francisco rockers proudly present their “Street Punk Trilogy,” a trio of clips for three of the album’s tracks: “Bad Skin,” “Everyone’s a Pussy (Fuck You, Dude),” and “Don’t Call Me Fabulous.” The whole thing opens up with that oh-so-familiar opening from Masterpiece Theater — or, in this case, it’s Masterbates Theatre — before proceeding on to a monstrous matinee of angry moms, zits, street gangs, and punk shenanigans. We’ve seen frontman Seth Bogart wear a number of masks: the brooding lover, the hairdresser, the heartbreaker. Busting up laptops, wearing crazy pants, and throwing up the finger with aplomb, he plays the tr00 punk role surprisingly well. But even though he and his punx look and sound tougher this time around, they haven’t lost their penchant for overblown theatrics; as the trilogy shows, the corrosive and the campy are anything but mutually exclusive.

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