♫♪  Hurricanes of Love - “Moses Lake Blues”

So, luckily I had two 24 oz. Golden Monkey 9-percenters on lunch today, and five minutes before bum-rushing the bar, I found a video of “Moses Lake Blues” by my mane mane mane manest, deepest fucking soul brother Frank Hurricane. And as he gettin’ his Hurricanes of Love fire crackling in this here video made by Joey Pizza Slice, Frank just melts all hearts, scoots you up on a log next to him, and passes you a resin-balled pipe ready to Bic.

The only other piece of music this year that made me cry (as the entirety of QUINTORIAN BLUES does) is “Valley of Tears” by Pure X. But I’m talking tears of joy, here. Frank Hurricane is your friend. His music wants to be your best-bud. You are there with him! It makes me feel so welcome. And he was the ONLY fellah I didn’t talk to when I saw him perform on a bill with Tracey Trance, Savage Young Taterbug, and C L E A N E R S two Septembers ago. I was unfamiliar with his work at the time, but heard him belt in a stairwell LIVE — standing behind a topless gal feeling free from heat; me in my boxers keeping it together — and was entirely hooked.

This last weekend I went to Ohio and carried around Night Tyme Vybesin my shirt or jacket pocket WAITING to find a player to reel it. No dice. Dice was my adventure. Dice is shooting all over one of my very favorite and cherished albums of 2014, QUINTORIAN BLUES by Hurricanes of Love. Or maybe that’s green all over it and I’m just rolling up a bit of holy in light of celebrating a good spin. Find the digital on Feeding Tube Records ASAP, and if the tiny lil Frank don’t convince you, find him in your local Christian retreat house-basement lighting up a show for some future friends!

• Hurricanes of Love: http://frankhurricane.com
• Feeding Tube Records: http://feedingtuberecords.com

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