♫♪  ICP Orchestra - “Steigerpijp”

A day in the life of European improvisers Instant Composers Pool Orchestra: Han Bennink hollers out the window of a vintage Volvo, Misha Mengelberg (temporarily) befriends a metal pipe, Tristan Honsinger heads straight for the pool hall, Thomas Heberer becomes an ostrich, Mary Oliver pulls a knife from her violin case, Ab Baars is prepped for his gig as a window mannequin, Wolter Wierbos finally catches a ride, Tobias Delius blows tenor on the street, Michael Moore meditates in the middle of the road, Ernst Glerum plays double bass on the back of a naked woman.

“Steigerpijp” is the first video from ICP 049, which is out now on their ICP Records imprint. The tentet will be bringing their pranks to North American streets in Spring 2011, with select dates in Boston, New York, New Haven, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

• ICP Orchestra: http://www.icporchestra.com

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