♫♪  inc. - “A Teardrop From Below”

So I recently made an OK Cupid account. Initial thoughts: there was no need to spend two weeks stressing over a username. Apparently no one can “live without” coffee, friends, family, and a good book. And why does this person have eight pictures of themselves, but their face is conveniently obscured in all of them?

Note to anyone who might message me: if your opening line is a link to this video, and then the emoji for a glass of wine, it’s an automatic YES. You just sent me the sexiest possible message there is to send. Just be decent-looking, not crazy, and let inc. do the talking… I think we’ll have a solid foundation for a relationship.

Aside from hooking up with both brothers (Andrew and Daniel Aged, who are the core of the band) simultaneously — which I think we’d all very much like — their newest track “A Teardrop From Below” is the next best thing. Only inc. can make lyrics about snakes and teardrops sound so crazysexycool.

The compositional acrobatics of their early work here give way to a quiet storm of playful drum spanks and tender caresses of guitar, several guitars in fact, layered and wrapped in blankets of delay and light reverb. Rather than fighting for attention like bits of clickbait on a news feed, no single element of the track ever demands center stage, with even the vocals at just the volume they need to be audible and no louder. Bass and a sparse rhythm track join the other parts to complete the picture, which come together with all the grace and force of the waterfall which makes up the entire video.

Is anyone else getting a little hot? Oughtn’t we to open a window? What’s that, it’s been 15 degrees outside for the past eight weeks? —erm, I think I need to excuse myself for a moment.

• inc.: http://www.inc-brother-song.com

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