♫♪  INTERNET CLUB + Daytime Television - “New Markets”

Mmm, them hollow INTERNET CLUB (R.I.P.) beats meshing with that nasty static post-hop of Daytime Television is just decadent and totally involved with “New Markets.” My theory is Jónó Mí Ló is building up an artistic theory on current hip-hop “feat.” culture and compiling an album based around his music pals. (Speaking of pals, Jónó got this pal and was remixed in this new digs compilation by Coyote Cleanup, looking all post-consumer. )

INTERNET CLUB and Daytime Television together results in the sexiest digital pairing I’ve seen since last night’s pro-no sesh (TEA EM EYE!!! Hi!!). Also, that warped voice at 2:33 sounds a little like the original Clash of the Titans quote, “Find and fulfill your destiny,” and the song is haunting as it is, but maybe my mind gets the best of me when it deals in Halloween holiday spirit. Shit, either the whole piece is based around digital audio hallucination or these peeps are just well-accustomed to impeccable sound magic. At any rate — well, at Jónó’s rate — keep an eye on his YouTube and Facebook pages for constant song releases.

• INTERNET CLUB: http://internetclubdotcom.angelfire.com
• Daytime Television: http://daytimetelevision.tumblr.com

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