♫♪  Jaaska - “Chinna Chinna”

Videshi, a fresh EP from Brooklyn-based producer Jaaska is joined by a sunny new video mixed by visual artist Scary Pretty. This one’s more pretty than scary. In fact, alongside the feel-good lead-off track “Chinna Chinna,” it’s prettier than just about anything. The music and the film both feature a compact yet chaotic swarm of sampled material, pieced together boldly and precisely to create a lofty jam that is built to carry us right on through to the end of summer. The vibrant eastern instrumentation and Bollywood influence heard in this track extends, more or less, throughout the entire EP. In addition to “Chinna Chinna,” another stellar single titled “Star Videsh” can be heard as a teaser for the recent release. Buy the digital EP from AMDISCS!!

• Jaaska: https://soundcloud.com/mountainsong
• AMDISCS: http://amdiscs.com
• Scary Pretty: http://scarypretty.tumblr.com

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