♫♪  Jannick Shou - “Skov II”

Danish electronic artist Jannick Shou crafts sessions of hyper-detailed digital thump, dotted with surges of raw texture and aggressive effect processing. His music could just as easily soundtrack scenes of industrial squalor and visions of future circuitry plugged into the vast matrices of our robotic overlords. The tracks that constitute his brand new LP Fabrik (via Jeremy Bible’s consistently mind warping Experimedia imprint) present some of his most striking rhythmic configurations on record, as each track gradually complicates a template of four-on-the-floor grooves past the point of recognition. With no easily discernible instances of recursion to be heard, Shou’s compositions streak upward on linear trajectories from muted percussion patterns into pulsing masses of juxtaposed tones and timbres.

Check out the video for “Skov II” and enter his purple expanse of digital disfiguration. Washes of pinpoint light billow against the backdrop and mirror the fine grain splintering of Shou’s sound sources. Seeming 2D grids protrude out of their planes into almost fungal shapes that corrupt our spatial sensibilities. The virus tightens its hold as the session lopes onward, spawning increasingly grotesque shapes and bisected asymptotes in the murk.

You can cop a physical or digital copy of Fabrick from Experimedia today.

• Jannick Shou: https://jannickschou.bandcamp.com
• Experimedia: http://experimedia.net

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