♫♪  Jhené Aiko - “Never Call Me ft. Kurupt”

Incomparable angel Jhené Aiko has released two videos for her new single, “Never Call Me.”

In one, she embodies Japanese Shinto goddess of death and creation Izanami no mikoto. The tranquil video finds Aiko and two attendants drifting through a Japanese garden, composed wrists snapping in time with sparse and languid beats. The video ends with the trio attending a somber sea-side funeral. As she tells Refinery29:

The funeral is for a man I knew personally. A man who lost his way … A man who played the victim in a situation where he surely was not. A man who is a liar and cheater. A man who has lost his pride and integrity due to his deceptive ways and lack of understanding love. This funeral is the funeral for his ego.

In another, she embodies her uninhibited self accompanied by a bigger crew in her hometown of Los Angeles. Heritage manifests itself into a genuine performance. Fantasy informs the present moment. The present is full of the unfantastic, like people not texting back. In whatever costume we find ourselves, Aiko reminds us to stay in touch.

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