♫♪  Joan Of Arc - “Stranged That Egg Yolk”

In a time of deep global uncertainty and despair, anchored by questions about whether the narrative of humanity is marching even closer into some sort of absolute void, there may not feel as if there is much left on which we can depend.

Maybe this creates the perfect opportunity for the return of Joan Of Arc. Having made a long career of rattling the expected, always zagging, and generally, blissfully fucking around, Joan are stepping back into our world after a six year album break, and not a moment too soon. Perhaps Tim Kinsella and his crew can speak to our era better than anyone: in an age lacking stability, shouldn’t our musicians also be destabilizing? We can, after all, always depend on Kinsella to give us exactly what can never be depended on. This contradiction remains intact in their newest work, as subtly world-warping and syntax wrecking as ever. Welcome home, gang. and please carry us further into mystery.

Watch the new video, “Stranged That Egg Yolk,” below. Joan Of Arc’s new album, He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands, will be available January 20 (inauguration day, of course) from Joyful Noise.

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