♫♪  Johnny Headband - “And Then Again”

Try again. Again, please. How else are you going to get to Carnegie Hall… or at least to the Rodeo? Practice! It will make perfect. Try it again. Maybe that horse snaps you off, you break a rib, maybe you’ve got some internal bleeding, or maybe you pull a hamstring out there, trying to jog in a suit and tie under an imposing cowboy hat in 80-degree weather, or maybe breakdancing in reverse will sprain your ankle. You mend, and then you try it again. Detroit’s brother duo Johnny Headband show their resolve in this video for the second single from their forthcoming Who Cooks For You (summer 2012). The secret as to how mastery of the royal game of Chess can lead to the Americana corral-kick-outs of the rodeo will likely be revealed throughout the subsequent songs on the full album.

In the meantime, this is just a glimpse, wherein the boys (Chad & Keith Thompson) casually flare their funky dance moves with tasteful employment of laser lights and smoke machines.

• Johnny Headband: http://johnnyheadband.com

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