♫♪  Josh Alias - “Guilt Trip”

Those familiar with the art of improvisation know the sound of a performer finding the groove, the playing sometimes starting off relatively straightforward before turning down circuitous routes and wild turns winding in and out of time until arriving at that perfect beat from whence lines seem to write themselves. Every Josh Alias track sounds like that, which means though no two are exactly the same, they each share in a pursuit of seemingly perpetual effortlessness, and they all get there or at least thereabouts eventually, to the point where the songs could play on forever and never repeat, like a locked groove that somehow sounds different with each pass looping infinite word combinations and cadences. (Don’t talk to me about run-on sentences when you’ve never read Pynchon.)

“Guilt Trip,” the latest single off Josh Alias’s Growing Pains, travels such a path. The destination bars include some of the year’s best. One states, “Teens are putting faith in crystals.” I couldn’t forgive myself for giving away any more. Stream, download, do whatever you need to do to try and keep up.

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