♫♪  Juiceboxxx - “Ripping Up My Soul”

Damn, Juiceboxxx returns from the darkness with, arguably, one of his best tunes to date. “Ripping Up My Soul” opens up a new EP, Never Surrender Forever, that features two originals and three “classic boxxx” jams, all recorded with the full trio in the studio. Whenever I hear about a band “bringing their live energy to the studio,” my ears perk up. Never Surrender Forever, and “Ripping Up My Soul,” do not disappoint in that regard. One of JB’s greatest strengths is the way his live band, featuring Mike Birnbaum on drums and Willy D on guitars, elevates his songs to a higher realm of rock intensity. The video, directed by Guy Kozak, recently dropped alongside the EP, and it features Boxxx and the band rocking out in a bar with a handful of old barflies. This is emotional stuff. Get ready to let rock and roll help you face your demons.

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