♫♪  Julia Kent - “Transportation”

I’ve seen more rainbows in oil spills than the sky. It just involves a certain kind of closeness. Not the kind of closeness granted by microscopes or zoom lenses, but the closeness of a face pressed into the bumpy pavement, the residual imprint of tarmac on skin, the thousand indented hammerings that make up any seemingly “smooth” surface.

Jacopo Barbaccia of Riga has been there too, creating great, contorting forms of chiaroscuro; sometimes evoking freshly molded shining bronze, other times a band of raving amoebas, dancing in the shape of some inverted disco ball. Here, he fits these moving ideas perfectly to Julia Kent’s “Transportation,” a highlight from March’s Character . But this is not a “fit” simply in the “Windows 95 Screensaver” model of triggered moving images, rather a carefully formed meeting of two aesthetic practices, each affirming the other.

• Julia Kent: http://music.juliakent.com
• The Leaf Label: http://www.theleaflabel.com

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