♫♪  KAEB - “When We Fall”

Can you release a split EP with yourself? While it might sound a bit like musical schizophrenia, the upcoming release between the Bristol based BEAK> and their counterparts is an already established act in the experimental underground comprising of Geoff Barrow (of Portishead fame), Billy Filler and Matt Williams. Their mirror reflection ’s steady krautrock groove. The video for “When We Fall” features actress Sonoya Mizuno, who gained fame through her role in the acclaimed sci-fi flick “Ex Machina” and promotes the split EP, which is to be released on wax and digitally on Invada Records on July 31st. It takes a much more delicate stroll than most of BEAK>’s cold krautrock, instead taking the nostalgic, acoustic guitar-driven path heavily reminiscent of Portishead’s “Nylon Smile”, although with a male counterpart.

• BEAK>: https://beak.bandcamp.com
• Invada Records: http://www.invada.co.uk

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