♫♪  Katy Perry - “Katy and the Popcats”

Hey, I’m on the internet. Know what else is on the internet? Cats, cats, c a t s, CATS, C A T S!!! Big cats, little cats, white cats, black cats, spotty cats…. and especially F A T C A T S? I’m looking at cat pics, and you know what else I like to do when I’m looking at cat pics? Eat chips. It’s only logical. Snacks in general, really. They’ve got these ones with bubbles all in ‘em called “Popchips.” According to a friend of mine, “Popchips won’t make you less fat, only tapeworms and water will do that.” Don’t tell Katy Perry though. She’s here too I guess….. More importantly, these cats have lazers and maybe they’ve been to a rave?? Some of them drive cars. You know another cat that loves to drive? Toonces. Also I think Riff Raff from Heathcliff; pretty sure he drove a Caddy.

We underlings here at TMT are currently lobbying Mr P to replace all of our McDonald’s ads with Popchips ads. I haven’t seen any free fries yet. Popchips, the ball is in your court.

• Katy Perry: http://popchipstotherescue.com
• Popchips: http://www.popchips.com

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