LARA91K is best known for her role as half of the Argentine R&B/synth-pop project, Coral Casino, whose reggaeton-laced “Summer Romance” gained a significant amount of Spotify buzz over the summer. Outside of the duo, though, she delivers her effect-soaked vocals and production on a solo basis.

After dropping a handful of joints throughout 2016, the artist’s newest release is an intoxicating rework of Future’s DS2 highlight, “The Percocet and Stripper Joint.” Titled “DEY DUN KNOE,” the track finds her decelerating the original instrumental’s pace to a hazy crawl underneath a totally new delivery. In the midst of echoing samples and a warping synth, 91K’s autotuned vocals channel Future’s hedonistic meditation into an anecdotal tale of bygone love as she croons, “We heading to a party on the end of road; you driving my car, I just sit and roll.” She eventually pleas for the relationship to resume, but it’s destined to remain without a conclusion and the beat fades to black.

The reinterpretation is further complimented by an intimate music video that alternates between POV perspectives of various nightlife scenes and 91K singing the track in her home studio. It’s an enticing aesthetic that furthers the release’s hyper-personal nature from top to bottom, and in turn, affirms her atmospheric prowess outside of Coral Casino.

Peep “DEY DUN KNOE” below.

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