♫♪  Legendary Hearts - “Distance & Desire”

On their latest release, Melbourne duo Legendary Hearts craft spacey, ambient muzak that sounds like demented background music for when you’re stuck in a waiting room reminiscent of that one scene in Beetlejuice. “Distance & Desire,” a syrupy, languid jam off of Aerial View, is given an appropriately laid back, comically tripped out video (courtesy of Benjamin Portas). It lies somewhere between your weirdo uncle’s screensaver and some late night public access television vibe; nevertheless, the music and the visuals go hand in hand. If you dig the warped nocturnal vibe of “Distance & Desire” (along with their prior single, “Acceleration”), Aerial View is now available to ALL via Not Not Fun.

• Legendary Hearts: http://legendaryhearts.bandcamp.com
• Legendary Hearts: https://soundcloud.com/legendary-hearts
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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