♫♪  Lil B - “BasedGod” (Future & Drake “Jumpman” Remix)

BasedGod BasedGod BasedGod BasedGod BasedGod BasedGod woo! Live on TMT, B’s flexing, ooh!

From Rick Ross to Skepta to Soulja Boy to Spenzo to Slim Jesus to Bishop Nehru to Rich the Kid to Lil Wayne to K Camp to even NBA player Iman Shumpert, “Jumpman” has received a lot of reworking and remixing the past few months. But the track, off Drake and Future’s wildly hyped (but, in my opinion, oddly underrated) What a Time to be Alive, is now officially blessed by the Holy Spit of Lil B The BasedGod.

Blessed are those who feareth The BasedGod, who delighteth greatly in his commandments, etc. Figaro.

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