♫♪  Lolina - “Keep It Movin’”

Lolina (f.k.a. Inga Copeland of Hype Williams) is at The Hotel Hollywood on Yucca St. She’s looking out the window. The view: Enterprise Rent-A-Car and The Capitol Records Building. It’s beautiful. Greasy bacon from Joseph’s Cafe fills the room, but all she can think about is money.

It’s getting darker. Lolina hits the streets. She keeps thinking about money, her bouncy, bare-bones jaunt through the city in sync with the lubricated flow of capital, a rattling chest of apportioning assets and bad credits hidden beneath simple transactions. But a stomach ache forces her to bend over, and now she’s dry-heaving uncontrollably. Suddenly, stomach juices and half-digested food erupt from Lolina’s mouth, spilling onto the concrete, some of it splashing back onto her shoes. For a moment, she didn’t think she would be able to catch her breath.

She looks up, tears in her eyes. It’s the Capitol Records Building.

She’s already starting to feel better.

✞ ✞ ✞

“Keep It Movin’” is the middle-child on Lolina’s new EP, Lolita.

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