Being sad and wanting solitude, so you do the opposite and go to a busy Mexican restaurant for lunch, and you sit next to a table of people who all work together, and one of them is rude and obnoxious and talks the whole time about nothing, loudly, until her food shows up. And when her food finally arrives, she’s very dedicated to the dead animal in front of her, and she stops talking and starts eating, so some patience grows.

Then, three waiters rush up to another nearby table and put a sombrero on an older woman, and they sing her a song in Spanish for her birthday that you don’t recognize, and the two friends she’s with are laughing and smiling, and one takes a picture with her flip phone while giggling, and the flash sound is audible, and success has been met. You are longer no sad, just overwhelmed and alive.

And that’s what this new COPS tape is like. Taking a bad situation (shitty cops, 911 calls, etc.), and adding humor and absurdity and enlightenment to the mix. I know JAMES MATTHEW is involved in this, but I feel like aaronmaxwell could be pushin’ pads, too. But fuck, what do I know.

Get some raw beats and flecks of doughnut dust in your life above and below, and grab a copy of the tape here.

• LAPD Online: https://lapdonline.bandcamp.com

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