♫♪  loto retina - “opération”

“opération”, the opening cut from loto retina’s self-released cassette, vies légères, is a reflective piece of personal treasure. A steady drone blankets the track, much like a blanket covering a bed, as keystrokes and finger flourishes fill out the mix and cool things down, much like how flipping a pillow on, you know, a bed can cool you down. The rest of the vies légères is similar in it’s ambient beauty, parceled out in guitar and piano loops, keyboard explorations, field recordings, and tape hiss, all peppered with a healthy helping of reverb and delay.

Watch the video for “opération” above, check out the entirety of vies légères below, and grab a copy of the limited cassette here.

On a related note, from my lazy, minimal internet snooping, it appears loto retina is the same person behind mac noddy, contributor to MENACE and Cindys Tapes. Cool!


• loto retina: https://soundcloud.com/lotoretina

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