Lucas Santtana
“Super Violão Mashup”

If you aren’t a professional dancer specializing in Brazillian music and you think you can dance better than the people in this video, you are most certainly lying to yourself (or, indeed, you are this man ). “Super Violão Mashup” is the ridiculously frenetic release from Lucas Santanna, a chap that can somehow make roughly 12 million noises from one guitar and mash them together into a song that sounds simultaneously cutting edge and traditional.

As you’ll gather from the clipped beats and choppy ambient glitches, this is not your average nu-bossa fare, which has been something of a stringent policy of the phenomenal Mais Um Disco (“The label releases music from Brazilian artists who fuse styles, disregard genres and irritate purists”). Santanna assembles electronic music’s vast array of editing tools and tastefully mangles the crisp, smoldering sounds of Brazillian music into something brilliantly unique. His album Sem Nostalgia is ready to be carted to your doorstep now.

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