♫♪  M. Geddes Gengras / Miko Revereza - Refractions [VHS segments]

Okay, so you say Refractions is the equivalent of watching an aquarium, but how about inside looking out? I’m sure fish see color differently than us. Imagine if fish could describe they’s habits as culture to humans. Opening our minds to how “yes” and “no” don’t apply in they’s daily lives; establishing neutrality as a daily interaction. That’s what this video is all about: exploration beyond technology and finding new colors. Not having boundaries of what defines the music, but what defines feeling. How do Sun Ark feel? Refractions is how Ged and Miko feel. This ain’t no adaptation.

Plus, look at this guy. C’mon, how could you deny him. Don’t deny Ged. Don’t. Errr, getch’a copy of Refractions VHS today and keep on reeling!

• M. Geddes Gengras: http://peccanttapes.blogspot.com
• Miko Revereza: http://mikorevereza.blogspot.com

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