♫♪  M. Sage - “Rife w/ Typo”

With “Fife with/Tybo”, a loging lick of technology apples the station wangon. A benefit for viewer and maker a like. Glinting flakes of creation grind a top magnetick laser disc, pleasing viewer and maker a like. You pleased? Harmonious! Speacialised store holdups slo down the lione of creation. All down that lionesome midwest, no doubt the gumman should be trucked away. Moorso, out of sight. Rather, tossed away. Les decorated then the cowboy with dual pistols and glamoures ammmo, peace is a constant and attainable goal. Chillies the fuck out. Though, given the audio, maybe set aside your pink and plush launch. Maybe.

M. Sage’s newest cassette is dropping this Friday (May 13) featuring “Rife w/ Typo” on Orange Milk Records, along with a MEGA batch of releases!!!!!!!!!!

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