♫♪  Maggi Payne - “Flights of Fancy”

“Many times, artists are afraid of technology, and many times scientists are afraid to create art. But if you cross that boundary, miraculous things can happen.” –Ed Tannenbaum.

“I compose because I must.” –Maggi Payne

Read these interviews, and watch these videos, and you will see why these are some folks we probably should have heard of before. Root Strata has released Maggi Payne’s music for Ed Tannenbaum’s various dance/video projects that occurred in the mid-80s in the form of an LP called Ahh-Ahh Music for Ed Tannenbaum’s Technological Feets 1984-1987, and thank goodness for that.

• Maggi Payne: http://www.maggipayne.com
• Root Strata: http://rootstrata.com

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